Video Gallery

  • Meet The SepticMedics™ Jimmy

    Jimmy is an experienced SepticMedics™ professional.  Learn what make him unique!

  • SepticMedics™: We Respond Faster To Your Disaster!™

    Having problems with your septic tank can be scary.  We make finding solutions easy!

  • SepticMedics™ Instruction: How A Septic Tank Works

    Learn how a septic tank works as an essential component of the overall septic system.

  • Meet The SepticMedics™ Jerry

    Jerry is an experienced SepticMedics™ professional.  Learn what makes him unique.

  • TheSuckTruck™ – Hot Live Pumping Action!

    See TheSuckTruck™ in ACTION!  We get dirty so that you don't have to!

  • Septic Rehab: Shock Therapy!

    This stuff works great and it's fun to use!

  • Meet The SepticMedics™ Charles

    Charles is an experienced SepticMedics™ professional. Learn what makes him unique!

  • Septic Rehab: Mike Robe Bacterial Treatment

    This stuff works great!  Ask your technician about the Mike Robe monthly follow-up treatment.

  • Septic Medics: Fun Between Takes

    Watch us have some fun while setting up a shot.

  • How A Septic Tank Works – Animation

    This little cartoon shows how a septic system works and at what point you need service!

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Meet Your Medics

  • isimmons

    Ian R. Simmons, Sr.


    Ian Simmons brings his experience in many industries to Septic Medics, and is responsible for the daily operations and managing the business. Some days he will... More

  • ttodd

    Troy Todd

    Field Services Supervisor

    Troy is originally from Iowa, but he and his family have made the south their home. Septic Medics is Troy's first experience in the septic industry,... More

  • cgable

    James Clark Gable

    Team Leader

    Clark has the widest bredth of experience of anyone on our team. He has contributed his skills to several different companies throughout his career, and we... More

  • jwolf

    Jeremiah Wolf

    Senior Services Technician

    Jerry has been the backbone of Septic Medics since its inception. He's been a jack-of-all-trades and is an indispensible resource. Expert pipe-fitter, equipment operator, and septic... More

  • chooten

    Charles Hooten

    Driver / Equipment Operator / Services Technician

    Charles has a lifetime's epxerience working on septic and sewer projects. He's worked at septic companies and municipalities, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge.... More